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Who is afraid of sun?

Indonesia is tropical country. Sun light will be everywhere when you have outdoor activity. Do you know it is so important to use sun screen over your face?

1. Protecting your face from UV rays which is harmful for your skin. Your sun screen has to contain both UVA & UVB.

2. Anti-premature-aging. Sun light will damage your cell skin and make it faster to make wrinkles. Ew!

3. Lower skin cancer risk, especially melanoma.

4. Lowers irritating blotchiness and eruptions of red veins. This is also essential to prevent acne.

5. Obviously, prevents sunburns. Sunburns appear because of UVB. Also prevent your face become mottle.

Just apply it 1.5 hours before you go out and leave on. Use sun screen with minimum SPF 30. And always pay attention to the ingredients. Find out any chemical ingredients which are harmful and carsinogenic. There are a lot, and please be careful!

I found Wardah Sun Screen Gel which is safe and so easy to use. The gel is moist but not sticky. It contains aloe vera and vitamin D for your skin food. I use it every day before I apply my foundation.

Do not think twice to use sun screen. Start from today!

I am ready to face you, oily hair!

BAE suddenly ask you to hang out right now, and you just have a gym class. You do not bring shampoo and do not prepare for a dating. Your hair is a big mess! So oily and fall apart. Should you say no to him?

Please, no! Come on, you still can have a wonderful date with him. All you need are baby powder and comb.

Just pour baby powder on your hair, specially in oily part. Wait for about 5 minutes, then comb your hair. Repeat again until your hair looks gorgeous.

It will last for 1 day (average, depends on your hair type)

Believe me, it is very useful.

Me and make over

Hello again!

I wanna share about my make over experience. I am still learning about make up and make over. I love make up and I wanna be a make up artist freelancer.

Here is my weapons!
-Oil paper
-City colour corrector and contouring
-Revlon touch and glow foundation
-Revlon compact foundation
-Revlon powder
-Revlon eye shadow
-Silky girl eye shadow
-Maybelline glitter eye shadow
-Revlon eye liner
-Silky girl eye liner
-Revlon mascara
-Make over eyebrow pencil
-Silky girl eyebrow brush
-Revlon lipmatte
-Martha tilaar lipstick
-Silky girl blush on
-All kinds of brush, sponge, eyelashes, and eyelashes glue!

You know, it is different to make over a teenager and a woman.

A woman has more wrinkles in her eyes and her lips side. You have to fade it. You have to fade the dark spots and her eye circle. Use orange or yellow corrector. Use more bronzer to her jaws. Use darker lipstick colour for her maturity. Do not use nude lipstick. It will make her paler. Strong eyebrow make her personality comes out. It is okay to use more contouring.
And this is my mom after make over

Teenager always has problem with acne. You must fade it and make her so flawless! Use green corrector. You can use bright lipstick colour to make her looks fresh. Do not use much contouring or she will looks like much older.
This is my sister after make over

This is me

It is easier to make over your self. Give yourself a chance to make over your friends!