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Review (+ first impression!) of Pure Colour Kajal Oriflame

Hello! Welcome back to make up stuff! Here I want to review Pure Colour Kajal (black) from Oriflame. Do you know, there is a promo on September for this Kajal series. Only IDR 9.9k! So it is no need to think twice to buy it.

From picture, I thought the shape will be bulky and not travel friendly. I was wrong. It is small and easy to bring.

Some of my friends said that this Kajal can not be used to daily acitivity. "It's too smokey!" or "It makes your eye too black!" and another bla bla bla. Hahaha! You are wrong guys. I apply this Kajal for daily used. I use it for eye liner and for eye shadow.

Perhaps, this Kajal will not make smooth line for your eye but it still works as eye liner. Clearly, you can not do wing line with Kajal. But for daily used, it is good. You can not have bold line, though, just like eye liner do. Then, it need highly precise hand to apply Kajal as eye liner. Need to be patient. And slowly but sure! Voila! Your eye will be looked bigger now.

If you want to use Kajal as eye shadow for daily acitivity, just don't worry be happy. You can apply Kajal just like tapping it to your eye lid. I usually tap it at outer corner of my eye. Then, I apply brown eye shadow at inner corner. Blend it smoothly. Simple smokey eye is done!

The minus part of Kajal is......... not water proof! Aaaa too bad. So becareful if you use it for outdoor acitivity.

My rating? 4.5 out of 5
Repurchase? Maybe! But another colours ;)

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